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We are pleased to announce the following nominations as exclusive distributors of AirTronic USA products:

Country Point of Contact Company
Bangladesh Mohammod Zaman Rein International Group
Columbia Alejandro Pedraza Technology For Defense, “T4D, S.A.S”
Jordan Abdallah Baniissa Pioneers of Innovative Solutions
KSA TBD The Quincy Group
India TBD Legacy Group International
North Africa Yassine Douche Denergis, S.A.R.L.
Pakistan Bilal SaeedNazir Hussain TelektronMustan Resources Int’l
Peru David NewtonJoan Alva Newton Group ADS Tactical
Philippines Billy Pascua Tactics SOG Industries
Poland Tatiana Markowa-Jasieniak Works 11
Turkey Dogan Gurhan Ascim Defense Industry Ltd
U.A.E. TBD Legacy Group International
Ukraine Mike Koyfman B&M Defense
Uruguay Gabriel Porfilio Infodefensa
West Africa Yassine Douche Denergis, S.A.R.L.

All direct acquisition requirements generated from or for these regions received by AirTronic will be referred to our exclusive distributors for proper handling. Therefore, we kindly ask you to address your future AirTronic requirements directly to the distributors named above.

If you have a requirement and there is no agent named above, please contact us.

View export restrictions here.